August 8, 2022

Stalker 2 will turn into a metaverse with a "metahuman"

Stalker 2 will turn into a metaverse with a "metahuman"

STALKER developer GSC Game World will add the world's first NFT "metahuman" to its new game. Post apocalyptic The first-person shooter will hit Xbox Series X / S and PC in 2022.

GSC will sell digital NFTs and in-game itemsSTALKER 2 on the DMarket trading platform. One of the NFTs is not just an item, but the exclusive ownership of the NPC. The buyer will be able to place their digital copy in the STALKER 2 metaverse. It's like game developers create NPCs based on real people in order to perpetuate them in some way - Bethesda has added Shirley Curry, aka Skyrim Grandma, to The Elder Scrolls Vi.

You can register to receive items from the end of December, and giveaways will begin next January.

The second round is scheduled for February and itemsare kept secret for him. Details will be announced via Twitter and Discord. GSC Game World has stated that the drops will not affect the gameplay or benefit the players.

Fans did not appreciate the innovation, they call it "pulling money" and advocate blocking the game on Steam.

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