February 4, 2023

Square offers grant to pseudonymous bitcoin developer

Square Crypto, Square's cryptocurrency division, announces grant Lightning Network developer under the nickname ZmnSCPxj.

He is known as the author of Lightning Network posts that provide a detailed analysis of current offers, as well as his own suggestions, Square Crypto noted.

“By an action that could never have happened in any other space, we provide a grant to someone who at first glance looks like a hash function”, - said in Square Crypto.

ZmnSCPxj has been on this topic for two years.in his spare time from his main job. The grant will enable him to leave his permanent job and devote a full-time job to improving the Lightning Network and the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Square Crypto did not name the grant amount, but indicated that with it ZmnSCPxj “will be able to leave a permanent job for 14 years.”

The only known thing about a pseudonymous developer is that he lives in the GMT + 8 time zone, which includes China, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore.

Recall that in September Square Crypto provided a grant of $ 100 thousand to the BTCPay Foundation, the BTCPay Server processing developer.