January 16, 2021

SpartaCard - hardware crypto wallet with the functions of a regular debit card?Tinkov rests

To all great and cheerful - hello.We live in an age of rapid development of digital technologies, and you've probably heard of sites like Kickstrater and Indiegogo.Here, dozens of people share their fresh ideas with the world, offering to make it a little better.In our new column, we have collected the most interesting products in the field of cryptocurrencies, which are ahead oftime for a few years show what our future can be like.Our goal is to help you, dear spectators, get acquainted with the presentations of such projects and draw their own conclusions about their feasibility and viability.

We have already mentioned one project that is dedicated to the cryptocurrency wallet... Yes, the ability to store currency on a fully protected wallet falls outAnd today we would like to tell about the startup SpartaCard.In short, it is a crypto-hardware wallet with an affordable ability to conduct transactions in stores.Similar to your bank card from Savings Bank, only completely confidential and secure.

What can SpartaCard offer?ziwi Wallet or those familiar credit cards that have flooded our world.But perhaps, what about security? SpartaCard allows users to keep their cryptocurrency under the "top secret" label, while using the wallet as a regular card.