June 19, 2024

“South wind” in USDCAD, GOLD and BTCUSD

Good day, dear friends!

First of all, I would like to wish you a good weekend! Well, for today II have prepared a couple of small forecasts for you on such trading instruments as USDCAD, GOLD and BTCUSD!


Let's start with the Canadian. As you can see, now USDCAD is located near the peculiar resistance zone, which is formed by the resistance line and the resistance level of 1.333.

Therefore, I predict that the pair will go down from this support area, approximately to the level of 1.325.

It is possible that there will be a false break through the resistance level 1.333, as it was the last time.

"South Wind" in USDCAD, GOLD and BTCUSD


</strong>Now, let's see what gold we have :)

And for gold, as you can see, there was a false breakdown of an important and strong resistance line. Plus, the price is now near the resistance level of 1510.

The price has already rolled back to the resistance level of 1510 and I predict that now it will go down to the level of 1487.

"South Wind" in USDCAD, GOLD and BTCUSD


And finally, consider the situation with bitcoin.

On the chart, you can see that the price broke through the support level of 8220 and after it rolled back to this level, it started to fall.

The trend continues to fall, so I recommend selling bitcoins now. And our sales goal is the support level of 7500, which is located next to the important support line.

"South Wind" in USDCAD, GOLD and BTCUSD

And for today, dear friends, that’s it!

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Good trading to everyone and of course profit!