October 21, 2020

South Korea is moving towards digitalization of IDs on the blockchain

According to the Fn News, soon the inhabitants of South Korea will completely reject the plactic identity cards, the card of social security and driver's rights in favor of digital alternatives based on blockchain technology. The largest companies of the country are already fighting for the share in this market.

Three largest mobile communication operators in the countrySK Telecom, KT and LG U + have agreed on the deal, in which they will use the mobile platform for the identification of the driver's license PASS, which is based on the manufacturer's official license.

Police say 1.4 million South Koreanshave already started to use the PASS platform, which will allow them to confirm their identity with the help of a network of police blockchains and scan QR-codes.

The networks of round-the-clock shops CU and GS25 are alreadyWe started to accept the PASS application as a confirmation of the growth in trade points all over the country. Last week, the Internet giant Naver and the operator of the chat applications Kakao also went to the platform, having received "a temporary allowance" in the form of


One PASS app is just the topan iceberg, which CMI has spelled out with a pre-emptive "war of mobile identifiers on the main block", which will contain the most advanced technologies

Likewise, the South Korean companies are sure that in the coming months the implementation of personal confirmation on the main block and storage of digital documents will be available.

At the beginning of this year, Naver, Kakao, and alsoThe manufacturer of Samsung mobile devices has been allowed to work over its own preferences by using the ID on the main block. In an effort to capture the market, all three companies began to work with private sector firms, state organizations and universities.

Already this year they will present their ownsolutions: Samsung will work on a platform for obtaining driving rights, Kakao creates solutions for digitalization of university diplomas, and Naver will provide information on communication for business

A number of commercial banks are also actively developing business directions by ID on the basis of the blockchain.