April 21, 2024

Solana launches carbon footprint tracking feature

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Solana launches carbon footprint tracking feature

Solana Foundation in collaboration withdata platform TryCarbonara has launched an online dashboard that monitors in real time the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the operation of the blockchain.

According to a message on the Solana website,the project became the first “major blockchain with support for smart contracts” to add tracking of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The organization's leadership hopes that this example will encourage other blockchains to launch similar panels.

“Today the Solana Foundation is leading the fightwith climate change among cryptocurrency industry companies. Our project has become one of the first blockchains whose emissions are measured in real time thanks to a new data portal created in collaboration with TryCarbonara,” the announcement says.

On the panel's website you can seetotal number of nodes, amount of energy consumed, average carbon dioxide emissions, and so on. A comparison of Solana blockchain emissions with several other examples of carbon dioxide emissions is presented. For example, burning a gallon of gasoline produces the same amount of CO2 as 140,416 transactions on the Solana Foundation network.

Last fall, the World Economic Forum (WEF) created
Cryptocurrency Sustainability Coalition to assess the role of digital assets and blockchain in the fight against climate change.