June 16, 2024

Softbank. Invest like a nerd!

This could be the main slogan of this investment bank.cryptocruise, where of the remarkable were onlyimported substances, whores and morons-junkies-swindlers McAfee and Ver. And for those who follow him closely, this nedobank is known for its grandiose drains of its and attracted money, not just in typical startups, but in frankly garbage projects. If not to say that fraudulent.

My regular co-author is Red Reptilovich in generalbelieves that Softbank is a financial pyramid in its business model. Everything seems to be legal, but a little peered - and there is a piece of feces covered with corporate reporting, the Japanese in expensive suits and offices in skyscrapers. “There, the business model is built on“ We’ll ever find you a unicorn, because we cannot help but find it. And for this we will invest in any crap that can be even remotely similar to him. "

I’ll tell you how the SoftBank investment Depot works and how ineptly the money goes through surprisingly similar examples.


WeWork had 10+ billion dollars. The office itself is deeply unprofitable from the very beginning and smoothly goes to the bottom. At the same time, the founders, the Newman family, were not just frenzied, they have every chance to leave for the zone. Or at least go the Theranos path, where Holmes’s wallet didn’t sit down only due to the influence of its authoritative parents. Were the problems immediately visible? And how!

"Arab investors didn't want to support WeWork: According to Vanity Fair, Newman was late for a meeting and hungover."
"The Wall Street Journal published an article about Newman's abuse of marijuana and alcohol and the impact of his habits on the company's management."

Responsible comrade, cho! Hmm, who does he remind? It seems that patients from Footyball, who literally stick out investor money (https://t.me/finside/1129) (including grandmothers of illiterate and irresponsible morons from IIDF / StartTrack) and are now roofing in jail, or they are trampling the zone.

After receiving the first investment, the character generally went to smash.

"CEO invested moneycompanies in projects related to his love of surfing: $ 32 million for start-up surfer Laird Hamilton and $ 14 million for Wavegarden, a company that creates wave pools ”

Just like cryptans, the patient decided immediately oncollected loot to be repaired independently by a venture investor. So what? Stylish trendy youth. His startup is not washed down to a sane state, but has already incurred to invest other people's money.

And in this shameful scam (where it was clearalmost everything initially) gives a bunch of SoftBank attendants. And with might and main tried to muddle new fees in order to look around for fresh investors and cover their holes. Ethics? In the ass ethics! Criminal Code? Well, except that this was holding back Softbank.

But this is not the end. SoftBank, just by pure chance and enchanting stupidity of one scam startup, almost invested about $ 7 million in one terrible Russian scam, where everything goes to ensure that the Investigative Committee and the police enter the game. Did someone do a normal research on a searchlight? Did someone delve into the biography of the founders? No, just the guys seemed pretty, and the technology was disruptive. And what is really there? Yes shit.

Karoch, it used to be like that. Where is David Drake - there is a scam. Where is John McAfee - there is a scam. Where is Borodich - there is scam. Now it’s added: where is SoftBank - there is the worst scam and the wild pro @ s investmentbable.

Isn’t it time in Japan in high offices for someone to make a ritual and salvation leap from the window?