January 23, 2021

Snow removal technology for the new decade

Snow removal technology for the new decade

Winter did come, showering the cities with realsnowfalls. In addition to a beautiful picture and fun games, snowfall also brings some inconvenience. We have compiled a list of technological devices that greatly facilitate the snow removal process both in private households and on an urban scale.

Snow blowers for private homes

Most people love snow, but the pleasant feeling of a frosty winter disappears sharply during the cleaning of heavy snowdrifts, which make you sweat and feel muscle pain in the back the next day. The snow blower was created just toeliminating the effects of snowfall did not turn into torture. The owner of such a device is enough to push the car into the snowdrifts and adjust the direction of snow folding. The principle of operation of the machine is simple and very similar to a lawn mower - the snow blower captures the snow, evenly distributes it, and then throws it to the side.

Snow removal technology for the new decade

There are a lot of types of snow blowers, we took forOne of the best examples is GreenWorks Pro 80V. The discharge direction is regulated by turning a special shield 180 °, and the snow flies away at a distance of up to 6 meters. GreenWorks Pro 80V is battery powered and capable of removing snowdrifts up to 25 centimeters high. The device does not require complicated maintenance and can work for 45 minutes.

Snow Robots

The 4WD Snow Blower RC Robot is aremote-controlled snow blower with four-wheel drive and the ability to throw snow up to 12 meters in length. It seems that this is the perfect car for bad weather, but there is an even more technological option - a fully autonomous Kobi robot. Kobi processes the weather information himself and starts snow removal as soon as the first flakes touch the track. Naturally, this function does not work perfectly, since weather data comes from regular sites with weather forecasts.

In case of receipt of incorrect robot data,put on manual mode and give commands via smartphone. Moreover, Kobi will come in handy at other times of the year, as it is equipped with modules for lawn mowers and leaf blowing.

Dimensional snow blowers without driver

Cleaning a small area near the house is notIt will be compared with the scale of bus stations and airports, so completely different technologies are used here. Yeti Snow Technology is a self-contained snow blower that was first tested in March 2018 at the Norwegian Fagernes airport, and then at the Swedish Ornskoldsvik airport. A machine 20 meters long and 5.5 meters wide is capable of clearing 357,000 m2 of snow in just an hour.

One of the most important characteristics of thesevehicles is that they are designed to work in extreme conditions and in conditions of poor visibility. This is the practical advantage of autopilot over man. In the long run, the technology will become indispensable in cleaning snow on the runways and reduce the number of delayed flights.

GPS for monitoring snow removal

Under the snow on the roads there is always icewhich is much more difficult to clean. For this purpose, snowblowers first remove the snow, and if necessary, sprinkle salt with anti-icing reagents. The problem is that only the drivers of these cars know exactly where the work has already been done. Ordinary drivers drive at their own risk. To fix the situation, a GPS sensor will help, the data of which is synchronized with a special map available to everyone online. This technology offers an interactive map on the city’s website showing the state of the streets. This practice is already being applied in Kansas City.

How to clean the roof from snow

We already talked about snow removal devices.on paths and roads, but what about roofs? Houses covered with snow always look more comfortable, resembling pictures from a fairy tale, however, there are many examples of deaths due to the fact that the roof was not cleaned in time. High snowdrifts at the top of the house can be very dangerous. Snow a small "avalanche" can suddenly fall on a person or even break the roof of its own weight. In addition, an ice crust begins to form under the snowdrifts, which becomes very heavy and can roll off the roof during the thaw or cause leakage.

The problem of cleaning the roof is its fragility and sloping shape, so a conventional shovel is not suitable. The only solution is special devices called Avalanche.

Snow removal technology for the new decade

The device is a 5 meter lightfiberglass handle on which a 40-cm plastic slide with wheels is mounted to protect the roof from damage. The owner of the device just needs to move it forward, and the snow itself will fall without any problems.

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