June 6, 2023

Smurf's Society releases NFT collection

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Smurf's Society releases NFT collection

The Smurf's Society has released a collection of NFTs based on the popular Smurfs animated series. It will feature both the already known Papa Smurf, Egghead and Smurfette, as well as new characters.

The collection consists of 12,500 unique NFTs withthree-dimensional images of various characters from the cartoon about blue men. In addition to the old characters, the collection will add new ones that were created specifically for Web3 - VR Smurf and Crypto Smurf.

Closed community already testedthe gamified world of Smurfy on the Polygon blockchain, in which users got access to the WhiteList. The Smurfs are known not only in Belgium, where comics about them originated, but also in Europe, the United States and China, said co-founder and marketing director Arthur Salkin.

"You can identify with the Smurfs," he noted.

Salkin promised that future NFT collections would beeven more inclusive in character design. Salkin praised the work done by Daft Punk creative director Cedric Hervet in bringing in famous 3D artists to bring the Smurf avatars to life.

Earlier it became known that the underwear of the singerMadonna, in which the pop singer performed in the 1980s, will be sold as a collection of non-fungible tokens. Also in April, carmaker Bugatti and luxury goods company Asprey announced a limited edition NFT collection.