June 18, 2024

Smolensk ex-policemen will be tried for mining on seized equipment worth 40 million rubles

Three ex-law enforcement officers of the Smolensk region were accused of fraud, abuse of power and officialforgery. They fraudulently seized mining equipment worth 40 million rubles and began to use it themselves for the extraction of cryptocurrencies, reports SM-News.

Former deputy head of the inter-municipal departmentVyazemsky, the head of the local Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption and an operative in February last year seized more than 236 Antminer devices from Bitmain and 63 units of other equipment in a shopping center.

The reason for the seizure, they called the allegedly established fact of theft of electricity. Law enforcement officers moved the equipment to another place and began to use it for its intended purpose.

During the investigation, FSB officers discovered seized equipment worth 30 million. What happened to the rest of the equipment is not known.

The indictment case has been referred to court.

Recall that in October, four Ukrainian cyber police officers were suspected of stealing bitcoins after a search. Law enforcers allegedly transferred cryptocurrency from a wallet to a mobile device after it was withdrawn.