March 5, 2021

Smart office chair cushion tells you when to get up and stretch

Smart office chair cushion tells you when to get up and stretch

Hebo Technology has developed a smart cushion for office chairs and armchairs that tracks a person's vital signs and tells when to warm up.

Built-in sensors track frequency readingspalpitations, breathing, general fatigue and posture. The device's system uses this data to determine when a person has been sitting for too long and invites him to get up for a walk or stretch a little.

However, during the prototype testing, there was some disagreement about the possibility of employee control. and using the information gathered to improve work efficiency.

For testing, the company donated 10 employeesfirst samples of a new product. At the same time, data on their activity in the workplace came to the management. After colleagues in the HR department casually inquired about the reasons for their absence from the workplace at a certain time, some employees accused the company of espionage.

Although the guide is publicreported that the HR manager violated confidentiality rules and received disciplinary action for this, the possibility of such surveillance drew a wave of criticism. Although the rest of the test participants were satisfied, saying that others simply do not need to be lazy at work.

This is far from the first example of a companycan use advanced technology to improve labor efficiency. Since last year, Chinese construction companies have begun implementing artificial intelligence systems to monitor security at the site and identify idlers.