June 25, 2024

SkuBridge Capital submitted an application for the creation of a bitcoin fund to the SEC

After an impressive list of institutional investors investing in Bitcoin in 2020, it appears that thenames have an interest in the cryptocurrency number one.

According to the SEC document, published inMonday, December 21, 2020, Antony Scapamucci SkuBridge Capital's hedge fund, which manages billions of dollars, has submitted a Dep format for the firepower to the Security Service of the USA.

In addition, the SkuBridge has cleaned up a new foundationin accordance with Rule 506 (c), which means that the issuer can advertise its offer under the condition that the buyers are authorized stock.

SkuBridge, founded in 2005 by Skapamucci, in the forthcoming declaration of the Commission on securities and birges noted that it can "consider" the access to the accessory

“Investment funds can be invested intsifpovye ASSETS bez ogpanicheny c tochki zpeniya pynochnoy kapitalizatsii, texnologicheckix xapaktepictik or atpibutov (vklyuchaya menee izvectnye or novye tsifpovye active, the izvectnye HOW altkoyny), a takzhe mogut invectipovat in pepvonachalnye ppedlozheniya monet, cpedi kotopyx vctpechalic moshennicheckie ppoekty "- napicano in dokumente za noyabp ...

If the SEC approves the offer, this will mean thatthat a greater number of institutional investors will get access to bitcoin through the SkuBridge Bitcoin Fund L.P. In addition, in spite of the fact that the dossier does not cover the dossier range, the minimum investment for the members is set at the level of $ 50,000.

2020 has been a good year for bitcoin, as the institutional interest in BTC does not indicate a decline.