February 5, 2023

SEC Zero Wilshire Phoenix Hybrid Bitcoin ETF Review Timer

SEC Zero Wilshire Phoenix Hybrid Bitcoin ETF Review Timer

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted amendments to the application for the launch of the hybrid ETF Wilshire Phoenix as a complete replacement for the proposal and restarted the review process.

According to the published notice, the countdownThe review time started from scratch, and the regulator again began collecting comments on the Bitcoin and US Treasury bills on the U.S. based on the application of Wilshire Phoenix investment company, filed through the NYSE Arca exchange.

The adjustments made concern the issue and redemption of securities, listing and trading shares of the fund, and also include some corrections, clarifications and an additional description of the monthly rebalancing of the trust.

After examining the amendment form,Filed October 4, the SEC decided that it completely replaces and voids the original proposal. The last collection of comments on this application is relatively recent and ended in August.

So far, the US regulator has not approved a single proposal to launch a crypto ETF.