February 4, 2023

SEC Bitcoin ETF Decision from Bitwise to Be Taken on October 13

SEC Bitcoin ETF Decision from Bitwise to Be Taken on October 13

On October 13, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will publish a decision regarding the next Bitcoin ETF.

AT In recent years, a lot of effort has been made inBitcoin ETF approval direction. However, at the moment, none of them has been approved. Instead, the Securities and Exchange Commission usually reschedules a verdict before rejecting any offer.

Now that October 13 is the deadline, the SEC will again have to decide whether to approve or reject the Bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund from Bitwise Investments.

This year, Bitcoin performance is stillconsidered bullish. This is the most effective digital asset of 2019. But there is still no guarantee of Bitcoin ETF approval, and the financial world is waiting for the SEC to decide before taking the next steps.

As already mentioned, repeatedattempts to bring the Bitcoin ETF to the market, starting with the 2013 offer of the Winklevoss twins. Each subsequent offer was also rejected. However, Bitwise can change the story. Many of the problems that SEC representatives previously referred to are now being solved, and some institutions even managed to become official custodians of the cryptocurrency. Therefore, the Bitcoin ETF can be the next successful step on the road to accepting cryptocurrencies.