September 26, 2022

SEC Appeals to UK Supreme Court to Get Testimony from Telegram Advisor

SEC Appeals to UK Supreme Court to Get Testimony from Telegram Advisor

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires the former Telegram senior adviser in charge of project financing, testified in relation to the closed sale of tokens in the amount of $ 1.7 billion.

SEC Appeals to UK Supreme Court withrequesting evidence from a resident of the Kingdom, Hyman. According to representatives of the SEC, Hyman will not meet with the regulator voluntarily, in connection with which they are forced to turn to the foreign judicial system. As SEC attorney Jorge Tenreiro later said, Hyman agreed to voluntarily appear to testify.

Note, with these efforts, the agency seeksstop the launch of TON, the ambitious blockchain project Telegram, and the release of Gram tokens. SEC treats Gram as unregistered securities. At the same time, Telegram has repeatedly denied this allegation.

According to the application filed on Friday by the SEC, HymanHe was directly involved in raising funds for TON and personally communicated with most investors. In January 2018, Hyman was appointed Chief Investment Advisor at Telegram, that is, the person who “was responsible for distributing the Gram.”

Hyman "talked with Gram customers, confirmed transaction details and kept in touch with investors."

For example, in one of Hyman's emailssaid that Telegram "for regulatory reasons decided not to conduct any form of direct public offer, ... the public will be able to buy Gram when the network works ... not directly from Telegram."

In his address to Blake Byers from GoogleVentures in May 2018 Hyman said a third closed round would be held, in addition to two closed in February and March. However, the plans were obviously delayed.

The adviser also watched the gray Gram secondary market, which appeared immediately after the first round of sales in February 2018.

Although TON investors were strictly forbidden to resell Gram, the aftermarket actually flourished, with multiple offers from small exchanges, brokers, and individual over-the-counter dealers.

So, the Telegram adviser also regularly requested updates on the Gram secondary market.

SEC petitioned US courtletter of inquiry to a senior judge of the Supreme Court of Great Britain asking for the deposit of Hyman. The procedure is possible thanks to the Hague Convention, which allows courts to seek evidence and testimony outside their jurisdiction.