November 30, 2020

SEC: Bitcoin will be a peguly for the sake of the pedds

In an interview on CNBC, SEC Chairman Jay Kleiton once again made an accent on what he doesn’t count bitcoin valuable paper, but assumed that the regulation of bitcoin could be used by a number of other federal agencies.

Kleiton emphasized that bitcoin is larger thanmeans of savings and payment mechanisms, than for a security paper, and what is "ineffective" in existing traditional payment mechanisms, like inside the country, there are pages He also warned that, by the time the bitcoin became popular, it would be able to regulate how payments were made.

“I think that in time it will be relevant, and we will see new normal orders in the payment sphere,” added Cleiton.

The SEC representative responded toQuestions from Squawk Box host Andrew Pocca Copkin, who also recently took an interview from JPMorgan Director General Jamese Daimon. In that interview, Daimon said that bitcoin is "not in his taste", attributing his skepticism to state regulation.

“My experience with the governing body shows thatthey can regulate everything that they take and when they take it, - he said. - Bitcoin capitalization is equal to $ 300 billion. If this figure will increase, it will begin to regulate. "

On the question of leading Copkin about why the SEC does not regulate bitcoin at this time, Kleiton replied:

“Let's say this: we do not regulate bitcoin as a security. When people use crypto-assets as securities to raise capital for a company, the SEC regulates that. And during the ICO boom, people used ICOs and, by the way, organized public offers of securities, without registering them in the SEC. "

Cleiton realized that the Securities Commission andto the birzha “I determined that bitcoin is not a valuable paper; Most likely, it is a payment mechanism and a means of saving ", and also added that" all such governments regulate payments. "

Even if bitcoin is not regulated by the SEC,dpugie ppavitelctvennye agentctva, takie HOW Halogovoe uppavlenie CSHA (IRS) and FinCEN (Cet Po bopbe financovymi ppectupleniyami c) in pepcpektive mogut pacshipit cuschectvuyuschie cpocoby pegulipovaniya kpiptovalyuty tak cchitaet Kleyton.

Carlton Fields Lawyer and Counselor at NYU Stern DpyXinkc zametil chto "in metodologicheckix ukazaniyax FinCEN bitkoyn paccmatpivaetcya kak" denezhnye cpedctva "or tsennoct, zamenyayuschaya valyutu", and that is in the pannix cudebnyx ppotseccax bitkoyn tpaktovalcya kak "dengi, denezhnye cpedctva ekvivalent or onyx."

By his words, in accordance with the instructionsThe US tax administration bitcoin is regulated as a property, subject to the federal monetary

That the Securities and Exchange Commission does nottreats bitcoin in the quality of security paper and, fortunately, does not regulate it, it is not surprising that the flip-flop almost instantly displayed the printed output.

Now deal with the rest of the agents.