April 21, 2021

Scottish Music School started accepting bitcoin payments

This week the Scottish Music School started accepting a cryptocurrency to pay for their studies. According to the information of the educational Morningside in Edinburgh, it was made for adult school students, many of whom work in the growing sector of the financial technology city.

Director Linda Boyd said that before the school had used cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin (BTC), to make purchases and then see a large amount of

Boyd noted that the decision of the school to accept the cryptocurrency was dictated by analogous steps of large-scale enterprises. They proved that BTC is a viable alternative payment method:

“Some large companies around the world have alreadyThey do this, so that it is only a question of time, when smaller companies, such as ours, begin to do the same. The only question is about giving our clients a different way of paying and making their life easier. "

With this, Boyd added that many requests to implement the crypto payments came from their students working in this sector.

"Edinburgh has developed a fintex industry, therefore, for many of our visitors, this is the perfect way of paying," added Boyd.

SINCE 2019, the FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY INEdinburgh is on the upcoming trajectory. Recently, the FinTech Scotland project, which collaborates with the University of Edinburgh, received a grant in the amount of € 22.5 million ($ 30.9 million) for the creation of a global budget center.

The director of the music school believes that in the near future payments in cryptocurrency will become commonplace.