March 8, 2021

Scientists have found a new way to store information using light

Scientists have found a new way to store information using light

Researchers have used new photo-ferroelectric materials to store information in a non-volatile form using light exposure.

We are accustomed to the fact that under the influence of solarThe rays of the materials heat up. However, photons can also have less noticeable effects, for example, create pairs of free charge carriers in insulators, which are the basis of photocells.

By studying photosensitive ferroelectric materials, scientists from the Barcelona Institute of Materials Science have found that they can be used to create better storage devicesinformation. The team found that when properly designed, their electrical resistance could be modulated by pulsed light. This means that they can switch between low and high resistance states simply by light exposure, and the data will be retained even after power off.

In fact, such materials combineproperties of the optoelectronic sensor and storage device. They will consume less energy due to the absence of the need for current flow and regular rewriting of information.

Recall that recently, scientists have also successfully transferred the light stored in a quantum memory device for the first time.