June 7, 2023

Scientists have created a wearable sensor to monitor health and air pollution

Scientists have created a wearable sensor to monitor health and air pollution

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive sensor that allows you to use your smartphone to monitor your health and determine the presence of harmful chemicals in the environment.

To create a touch device, scientistswe used nanomaterial from reduced graphene oxide and molybdenum disulfide, on which, using a laser, formed grooves with pores to detect various gases, biomolecules, and chemicals.

On its insensitive part they created wavy lines coated with silver, which allow the sensor to stretch without damage and work like springs.

When passing electricity through silverelements, the sensitive area is locally heated due to significantly greater resistance, and built-in electrodes begin to transmit signals from the pores.

Since it is very difficult to connect wires to nanomaterial, the reading and processing of information occurs using a mobile phone.

In the future, the team plans to increase the density of arrays so that the device can respond to hundreds of substances and their combinations using an application based on artificial intelligence.

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Northeastern University expect their development to interest military and medical equipment manufacturers.

Scientists are developing more and more new devices,which allow you to track your health. Recently, a device has been created that allows you to receive images occurring inside living cells in real time.