May 27, 2023

Scientists have created a stretch thermoelectric generator

Scientists have created a stretch thermoelectric generator

Researchers have developed soft andstretchable organic composite material that has high electrical conductivity and good thermoelectric properties, and can also generate energy from the heat of the human body.

To create it, a team from LinkopingThe university used three materials: PEDOT conductive polymer: PSS, water-soluble polyurethane rubber and ionic liquid. The first component gives it thermoelectric properties, the second provides flexibility, and the third - softness.

Resulting in as a result, the composite is 100 times softer and 100 timesmore elastic than regular PEDOT: PSS polymer film. It was made by mixing water-based solutions, and it can be printed on various surfaces.

According to the developers, such a nanocomposite canfind wide application in wearable electronics, smart clothes and electronic shells. At the same time, its properties can be changed by combining various versions of elastomers, ionic liquids and conductive polymers, which will replace solid materials in wearable and implantable devices.

Earlier, we also reported on the creation of a lightweight supercapacitor, which continues to work even with repeated stretching up to 800% of its original size.