July 24, 2024

SBI Holdings will distribute XRP tokens among its shareholders

Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings will pay its shareholders in XRP cryptocurrency from Ripple. StartThe program is scheduled for March 31, reports CoinDesk.

Recently joined shareholders will receive atXRP exchange accounts in the amount of 2,000 yen ($ 18), shareholders with more than a year of experience - 8,000 yen ($ 73.50). Upon request, rewards can be obtained in the form of products from Alapromo, an SBI division working in the field of healthy nutrition and cosmetics.

Only residents of Japan who own at least 100 SBI shares and have an account on the VC Trade cryptocurrency exchange will be able to participate in the program.

The full launch of VC Trade from SBI Holdings took place in July 2018. The exchange became the first platform controlled by a financial institution.

At the end of 2018, SBI Holdings launched the MoneyTap payment application based on Ripple technology.