December 2, 2023

Satoshis Games will create an analogue of Fortnite game with the possibility of earning bitcoin

The company Satoshis Games announced the creation of an analogue of the computer game Fortnite - Lightnite - with the possibility of earningBitcoins and Lightning Network support.

According to the developers, eliminating the charactersother players, users can earn BTC. If a player loses his character, he loses the earned bitcoins. In addition, you can buy in-game items and artifacts received from liquidated players for bitcoins. And you can buy them not only for BTC, but also for fiat money.

Player balance will be updated inreal time when dealing damage to another character, receiving damage or finding a valuable item. If desired, players can exit the game and withdraw money earned through the Lightning Network.

In order to attract a wider audience, not related to cryptocurrencies, Satoshis Games has provided the opportunity to play both in BTC mode and without bitcoin.

“Playing even in normal mode, people will wantexperiment with the latest technology and play on a more advanced level with bitcoin. This is how we will contribute to the mass introduction of this cryptocurrency, ”the developers of Satoshis Games write.

Game giant Ubisoft is also exploringblockchain capabilities to apply it in the field of computer games. About a year ago, hackers distributed malware for the online Fortnite Battle Royale game to steal user data and hack cryptocurrency wallets.