June 25, 2024

Samsung SDS and Naver-Line are ready to test South Korea's CBDC

News that the Central Bank of Korea (CBK) is preparing to launch its first pilot project to create a digital currency,They've had a good time.

The official pesheny o zapusuk of the cyfpo's in the bathrooms of the centpalnomo banka (CBDC)It will be a great place to be in the world.

Coglacno zDNet Korea, ceichac concopcium, 2000 EY Hanuoung C'Sisysily, a t-31,300-year-oldNaver-Line (Google's southern ana) and the eo papkkke for the time of the line were announced by the BBC.

The CENTRAL bank has issued a number of other things to the media.The kpa's spok and the company was on the 19th century. On one of them, he was sentenced to 29 octyabya, as a snub, as a snub, and the company was more than one of them.

At the same time, ZDNet Korea used the words of insiderthe industry, which has stated that "many companies want to take part in testing, but only a few of them have sufficient qualifications for this."

It is quite probable that the pulp and paper mill installed an excessively high plan in its requirements.

If you are talking about a conference, the consulting company will take over the management role, and Samsung SDS and Naver-Line will respond to the system architecture.

A budget of $ 70,000 has been allocated for the project, its implementation is scheduled for 2021.