April 21, 2024

Samsung enters the bitcoin mining market

Southern Electric Giant Samsung Works with Z-Nano Chips, Which Can Be Used for Bitcoin Mining(BTC). The company announced this development in the first quarter of 2022.


The 3nm chips are compatible with Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), machines that are used to mine bitcoin. It is known that testing is already underway.

Samsung's new 3-nanometer chips will not havetypical disadvantages of miners and will consume energy consumption by 30% less. In addition, the chips can increase the speed of mining by about 15%, and also increase the density of the translator by 33%.

The company has already found its first client, the Chinese company PanSemi, in addition, the chips were reserved by the American company Qualcomm.

Znm production of Samsung is based on technologyGate All Around (GAAFET), which differs from the usual FinFET process used to create 7nm and 5nm chips. GAAFET reduces the size of the silicon, resulting in higher performance.

With the entry of Samsung into the bitcoin mining marketcompetition in this area will become even more serious. Previously, Intel announced the release of a new chip for mining cryptocurrencies, called Blockscale.