January 28, 2023

Russian copyright holders threatened to complain to SEC and FATF on Telegram

Internet Copyright Protection Association (AZAPI), representing the largest Russian book publishers publishers suggested to the administrationTelegram messenger to introduce the technology of "digital fingerprint" to combat pirated content. AZAPI also said that the Telegram digital currency would be "the ideal tool for monetizing counterfeit content on an anonymous basis."

AZAPI complained to the Telegram administration aboutdistribution of pirated content, writes Kommersant. The Association estimates that more than 170 Telegram channels with a total audience of several million users have been illegally distributing electronic and audio books for several years.

The introduction of the “digital fingerprint” can solve the problem, according to AZAPI. Nevertheless, Telegram did not respond to either the proposal or the complaint of the Association.

AZAPI also agrees with the requirements of the Internet Video Association. According to its head, Alexei Byrdin, they also complained to Telegram about the illegal distribution of audiovisual content.

Director of Commerce and Video Service DevelopmentStart Dmitry Gudumak noted that representatives of the messenger stopped responding to complaints from copyright holders or began to do so much longer than usual since September.

If Telegram continues to ignore claims,AZAPI threatens to contact the US Chamber of Commerce, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF).

The Association intends to notify them “of materialrisks for both copyright holders and TON investors in connection with the creation of an uncontrolled mechanism to ensure the laundering of criminal proceeds. ”

Recall that Telegram has been formally blocked in the Russian Federation since April 2018. Nevertheless, this did not affect the operation of the service.

Earlier, the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation forDigital and technological development Dmitry Peskov said that despite the official blocking of Telegram due to violations of Russian law, its use is not a violation.