December 8, 2023

Russian ambassador visits Alexander Vinnik at a hospital in Greece

Russian Ambassador to Greece Andrei Maslov visited Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, who is nowis in an Athens hospital due to poor health.

According to the Russian Embassy, ​​diplomats decidedprovide support to a Russian citizen suspected of money laundering through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange. The page of the Russian diplomatic department on the social network Facebook says:

“Russian Ambassador to Greece Andrei Maslov visiteddetained in Greece in the summer of 2017 at the request of the US Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, who is still in custody. Due to poor health, Vinnik remains in one of the Athens hospitals for many months. ”

Vinnik went on a hunger strike in connection withdiscriminatory behavior of the Greek authorities. According to diplomats, Greece should extradite Vinnik to Russia, since he is a citizen of this country. However, the Greek Ministry of Justice recently signed a decree to extradite the suspect to France.

Subsequently it turned out that the Frenchthe police were not even going to take Alexander Vinnik away, so they planned to extradite him to the United States. But after the hunger strike, Vinnik’s health deteriorated and extradition had to be postponed.