January 27, 2023

Russia will introduce a tax on orders of 20 euros in foreign stores

Russia will introduce a tax on orders of 20 euros in foreign stores

The Russian government continues to limit the ability to purchase goods in foreign online stores. On This time the initiative is even sadder: all parcels worth more than € 20 intend to tax.

The freebie is over. For cheap goods require taxes

This initiative was put forward by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Decrease in the duty-free threshold will occur gradually: from 2020 it will be € 100, from 2021 - € 50, and from 2022 it will reach a minimum - € 20.

This does not mean that you cannot order moreexpensive goods in foreign online stores. The parcel will come to you, and after it - a tax notice, which will indicate the amount required to be paid. The tax rate will be 15% of the amount by which the threshold is exceeded.

Let's look at an example. Let's say you buy a phone on AliExpress for € 1,000. As you can see, the threshold in this case is exceeded by € 950. Accordingly, you will need to pay the state € 142.5, or 10 thousand rubles. How do you like that?

Who benefits from the parcel tax in Russia?

Why do we need such drastic measures? Firstly, for the state this is an extra opportunity to earn extra money. Secondly, the amendments will have a very positive effect on domestic retailers, both on retail and online stores.

It is likely that it is Russian retailerslobby for new measures through their connections in the government. When the duty-free threshold is lowered, people will stop buying expensive goods abroad for one simple reason - it will not be profitable. Accordingly, they will have no choice but to buy in our stores.

This initiative completely ignoresinterests of ordinary citizens, and also eradicates the concept of a free trading market. Let's hope that there are still methods for circumventing the new rules, otherwise it will be simply impossible to purchase on the Internet.