September 25, 2023

Russia will create an analogue of GitHub

Russia will create an analogue of GitHub

Mintsifra plans to create a Russian repository of source codes for software similar to well-known GitHub platform.

First of all, the national repository willhost software that was created for budgetary purposes, with the rights of Russia to it. These are solutions that are used in "Gosuslugi" and similar electronic public services.

In addition, Russian developers will also be able to publish the code. Access is planned to be made free for individuals and companies.

The experiment will begin on May 1 and will last for three years.The final list of government departments and organizations that will participate in the development of the resource has not yet been determined. It is planned to be approved by June 1, as well as the repository operator.

The repository is planned to be opened for reductiondependence on Western software, and protection of rights to a Russian product. This will enable the industry to reduce the risks that may arise in the event of sanctions and use domestic developments. During the experiment, it is planned to determine the categories and criteria for software publications.

The government has been talking about this need since last year. Previously, there were plans to open a proprietary repository that would only give access to licensed users.

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