January 27, 2023

Russia is not ready for isolation of Runet throughout the country

Russia is not ready for isolation of Runet throughout the country

The law on isolating the Russian segment of the Internet entered into force on November 1, but the country is not ready for it implementation throughout.

Independent infrastructure todayfor the smooth operation of the Runet is not created. The equipment installation was not completed, and traffic exchange points were not created throughout the territory, as the text of the law prescribes. According to conservative estimates, it will take at least another year to complete the installation of the necessary equipment throughout the country. At the moment, the law will be effective in certain territories upon circumvention of technical conditions.

In addition to technical delay, entry into fullthe force of the law is also hindered by the absence of a part of bylaws that provide for the operation of the main requirement. Of the required twenty-six documents, only seven have been published.

In addition, the Accounts Chamber announces the enormous expenses that the budget will incur for this project, and Internet providers are afraid of large-scale interruptions in Internet traffic.

Russians are ambiguous about the new law. His critics fear that he will create conditions for total censorship of the Internet and comprehensive control and supervision of digital communication. The functions of filtering information traffic will now be performed by special services and Roskomnadzor.