June 19, 2024

Rough electric Tesla Cybertruck pickup will hit the market in 2021

Rough electric Tesla Cybertruck pickup will hit the market in 2021

Tesla CEO Ilon Musk introduced the angular model of a powerful Cybertruck pickup truck with a steel body and an electric ATV that fits in the back.

At the los angeles motor show wasdemonstrated not only an unusual design, but also the strength of the structure. During the show, there were no dents left on the case from the impact of the sledgehammer, but the armored glass cracked from the steel ball thrown into it. Elon Musk said there were no injuries during the test.

However, the main purpose of an electric pickup truck is not to containmetal shells, while improving environmentalcomponent of transportation, and in this regard, Cybertruck is doing fine. The six-seater model accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, has a traction force of 6350 kg and can carry a payload of up to 1600 kg.

Depending on the configuration, the pickup may beequipped with one engine with RWD, two with AWD or the all-four-wheel option with four engines. It also has three battery options, the charge of which is enough to travel 400+, 480 or 800 km, respectively.

The six-meter case of Cybertruck is made of durable cold-rolled stainless steel, and the boot capacity is 3 m3.

The cost of the base model is $ 39.9 thousand., for an improved drive and battery, you will have to pay another $ 10 thousand, and the maximum configuration will cost $ 69.9 thousand. The unmanned control function is sold separately and costs $ 7 thousand.

Production will begin at the end of 2021, but models with maximum configuration will be released only by the end of 2022.

Tesla never ceases to amaze and develop innovative technical solutions. Recently, the company filed a patent application for a new type of wiper.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Tesla