March 23, 2023

RosGosSkam (IIDF and StartTrack)

News from the investor of the long-suffering and scandalous investment site StartTrack under the IIDF. Yes, these are the same ones advertised the opportunity to invest in a scam project FootyBall, which ultimately ended in a criminal case.

"On the StartTrack site (crowd-hosting with flagsskolkovo and fries) all means of communication with them are disabled. There was a built-in chat on the site - removed a couple of weeks ago. There was a telegram bot - it is also disabled for the second week. An answering machine answers the phone and asks to leave messages. And, probably, the strangest thing - about a dozen projects were removed from the site, which did not raise the amount for hotel guests. I will say that this is the first time. Usually projects hang until the winner (until the end of the collection of the entire amount). I also looked at their VKontakte group, although this is not the target, but there are the latest entries there last year’s end"

There are few options:
1) The SMM-box was fired, but they did not find a new one or there is no money.
2) The state platform prepares exit scam and the shop collapses

He will observe, but the whole booth with IIDF and its crowdfunding has long been rolling towards option 2.

By the way, a little more about IIDF. So they had in 2018 the event "IT-entrepreneurs VS investors". The program included the following people:
“Panel discussion with investors: Maxim Chebotarev, head of the IIDF co-investment department, Konstantin Sinyushin, venture investor and co-founder of the Untitled, Alexey Solovyov, venture investor, initiator of the Startup Barometer study and business angel Dmitry Sutormin, will explain how an IT startup can attract investments and not lose control over a company, and in which startups are investors ready to invest big money. ”

Sutormin also regularly participated in the Sochi Invest Weekend, organized by the same IIDF.

At the same time, in 2018, Dmitry Sutormin wasknown not only as the vice-president of RACIB (which not so long ago was the loveliest scammer Andrei Grachev), but also as a member of the WEX scam exchange, erected on the ruins of another BTC-e scam exchange.

“Recall that it was Dmitry Sutormin from the beginning of 2018 who claimed that he was the administrator of the WEX exchange and carried out transactions for the purchase and sale of WEX codes.” © Coin.Radio

FRAGING FRIENDS FROM FRIA. RosGosSkam Corporation, not otherwise.

RosGosSkam (IIDF and StartTrack)