October 21, 2020

Roger Vera's interview on the future of cryptocurrencies and second citizenship

Roger Vera's interview on the future of cryptocurrencies and second citizenship

Roger Ver, one of the most famous and prominent representatives of the cryptocurrency community, gave an interview Letaev Vlog youtube channel, in which he told how he sees the future of cryptocurrencies, shared his view on taxation in the USA and explained why everyone should have a second passport.

The creator of the Letaev Vlog channel - Anatoly Letaev,immigration lawyer and founder of the Migronis company, which provides assistance in obtaining a second citizenship and residence permit for investments in the economy of another country (buying real estate or other property). On his channel, Anatoly talks about ways to obtain a passport of foreign states and what nuances should be taken into account in the registration process.

Like Roger, Anatoly is a convinceda libertarian and a supporter of the "theory of flags", which implies life and business in several countries of the world that are most comfortable for solving each specific task - doing business, paying taxes, living in a comfortable climate and society. Since one country cannot offer the best conditions for all the listed criteria, many people resort to obtaining a second citizenship, as Roger himself said in an interview:

“Every person must have a second passport. Having a second citizenship is an opportunity to protect yourself from the tyranny of the state. "

Roger Ver was one of the first investors inbitcoin and cryptocurrency startups. Over the years working in the cryptocurrency market, Roger has become a key evangelist for BTC, decentralized technologies and economic freedom in general, speaking at numerous conferences and meetups, for which he received the nickname "Bitcoin Jesus". Roger is also one of the main supporters of the Bitcoin Cash fork and the Executive Chairman of one of the world's largest cryptocurrency portals Bitcoin.com.

A native of California (USA), Roger,can rightfully call himself a “Man of the World”. He moved to Japan in 2005 and later obtained the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis. At the same time, unexpectedly for many, in 2014, the entrepreneur refused the US passport. What exactly prompted him to renounce his American citizenship, what are the consequences and advantages of this decision - Roger said in his interview.

Naturally, during the interview, they did not bypassattention and the question of the future of cryptocurrencies. Roger believes digital currencies are the most convenient, fastest, and most reliable way to settle settlements between people and companies. At the same time, Ver noted that for mass adoption, more distribution and use of digital assets is necessary, which of course will contribute to the growth of cryptocurrency market capitalization and token prices.

In terms of regulation, according to Vera,countries that are the first to legalize cryptocurrency transactions at the state level will receive huge advantages and boost in economic development. One of the most important advantages of decentralized blockchain tokens (for example, bitcoin) compared to fiat currencies is their limited emission and full control by the owner, since no one can cancel a bitcoin transaction or freeze funds on your wallet.

According to Roger, cryptocurrency is idealcombined with the ideas of libertarianism, since it perfectly realizes the principles of a free market and the independence of a person from the state, when only you control your assets. Libertarianism in its broadest sense is a collection of political philosophies and movements that support freedom as a basic principle. Libertarians strive to maximize political freedom and autonomy by emphasizing freedom of choice, autonomy and independence. Roger believes that the main driving force behind the spread of libertarianism in today's society is the Internet, without which it is already impossible to imagine modern society.

At the end of the interview, Roger shared histhe main life principle - “Just be yourself”, in his opinion, is the only way a person can form a circle of people around him who sincerely share his views on life, aspirations and hobbies, and this, in turn, is absolutely necessary for a person for a happy life.

Roger Vera's interview on the future of cryptocurrencies and second citizenship