June 17, 2024

Robot Nurses Begin Circuits at Texas Hospitals

Robot Nurses Begin Circuits at Texas Hospitals

Diligent Robotics will supply Moxy robots to Texas State's major healthcare facilities.

Automated Assistant Can Helpnurses with a hard, unskilled part of work that distracts them from caring for patients, including receiving and delivering various items and materials.

Although Moksi is a social and intellectual robot, so far he cannot fully interact with patients and provide medical care, so these responsibilities will remain with people.

After successfulbeta testing in four americanhospitals and receiving a state grant, the Moxi project attracted the attention of investors and interested other medical institutions. Diligent Robotics has entered into several contracts for the supply of robots to large Texas healthcare facilities.

Robot Nurses Begin Circuits at Texas Hospitals

It’s not yet known how successful the project will be,but the company’s management believes that robots will be able to solve the problem of chronic shortage of nurses in the United States and even cover the growing demand amid an increase in the share of the elderly population.

In addition to robotics, the development of the healthcare sector is also facilitated by advanced technologies, which we discussed earlier.