April 23, 2024

Robert Kiyosaki Predicted a 95% Drop in Bitcoin

The author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” said that he will buy the first cryptocurrency when “loserscapitulate and leave the market.”

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, said he is waiting for bitcoin to drop to $1.1 thousand. To date, the price of the first cryptocurrency is hovering around $20.8 thousand.

“Losers give up after a loss.Winners learn from their losses. I am waiting for bitcoin to “test” $1.1k. If it recovers, I will buy more. If not, I’ll wait until the losers “capitulate” and leave, then I’ll buy more,” the businessman added.

In September 2021 Robert Kiyosakipredicted the collapse of the financial markets in October of that year. According to Kiyosaki, due to the actions of the US financial regulators, the value of all assets, including bitcoin, gold and securities, should have collapsed. In November 2021, cryptocurrencies showed price highs, bitcoin reached $69,000.

The Economist has repeatedly urged to buymore than the first cryptocurrency, gold and silver, because, according to him, these assets help to ride out hard times. Kiyosaki is of this opinion because he believes that the US dollar is dying.