December 5, 2022

Robert Kiyosaki: “I keep waiting for Bitcoin to rise”

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Robert Kiyosaki: “I keep waiting for Bitcoin to rise”

The well-known writer has repeatedly said that he believes in the prospects of the first cryptocurrency. The economist once again confirmed his words and stated that even the collapse of FTX will not be able to prevent the growth of bitcoin.

During an interview with iHeart radio host andRobert Kiyosaki, author of the book Uncommunist Manifesto, Mark Moss, emphasized that the FTX exchange should not be identified with the entire cryptocurrency industry.

“I still believe in the rise of bitcoin.It is worth dividing silver and ETFs into silver. So here: bitcoin does not need to be equated with Sam Bankman-Freed. This is not an industry issue, but FTX. I am confident in the fundamentals of Bitcoin, but I am not limited to this cryptocurrency. I have ethers, but in general I can be called a blockchain enthusiast,” the writer assured.

Kiyosaki has said more than once that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be an excellent defense against falling global stock markets, and the current fall in BTC makes
its even more attractive. At the same time, the economist himself invested in the first cryptocurrency for $6,000 and continues to keep a supply of coins.