February 5, 2023

Ripple rebrands its product line

Ripple rebrands its product line

Ripple management has rebranded three of its core products.

The main products of the company are xCurrent payment system and corporate APIxVia - now merged under one RippleNet brand. In addition, the xRapid payment application is now included in RippleNet, which now positions itself as a “liquidity on demand” function.

The company emphasizes that all this is not newRipple products, and rebranding of existing services, which does not imply drastic changes for users. With this step, Ripple plans to create a full-fledged payment network, and not promote individual software solutions.

In addition, Ripple’s Xpring invests $ 750,000to crypto wallet BRD. According to the company, the new partnership will allow “anyone who wants to buy, sell and store XRP with a BRD wallet.”

As previously reported, recently Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, said that Facebook will not be able to launch the stablecoin Libra no earlier than in 2023.