June 19, 2024

Ripple announces rebranding of products and investments in cryptocurrency wallet BRD

The xCurrent payment system and the xVia corporate payment API of the fintech company Ripple are included in a singleRippleNet brand. At the same time, a California-based company invested $ 750,000 in a BRD wallet, which will now add support for the XRP token.

About rebranding an existing product lineRipple representatives said in an interview with the Japanese edition of Morningstar. The xRapid cross-border payment system based on the XRP token will be called “liquidity on demand”.

“Instead of buying xCurrent or xVia, customers willConnect to the RippleNet network on-premises or in the cloud, and instead of purchasing xRapid, they will use liquidity upon request. These are not new products, but rebranding of existing products. This is a small change that will not affect our customers in any way. ”- said in Ripple.

The company claims that rebranding is intended to emphasize its mission to create a full-fledged payment network, rather than a set of disparate products.

Corresponding changes have also been made to the Ripple website, where RippleNet is now touted as a “comprehensive corporate solution.”

Meanwhile, Ripple also reported that Xpringinvests $ 750,000 in the famous BRD cryptocurrency wallet (formerly known as Bread). This funding is positioned as part of the company's efforts to create an “Internet of value”.

Strategic partnership with BRD “will allowwallet users to keep, buy, sell XRP to anyone in the world, ”says Ripple. BRD also supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens and DAI.

Last year, BRD raised $ 32 million duringInitial Coin Offering (ICO). The BRD token provides holders with discounts and other preferential terms. At the beginning of 2019, wallet developers raised an additional $ 15 million from Japanese SBI Holdings.