October 21, 2020

Ring unveils indoor drone to patrol housing

Ring unveils indoor drone to patrol housing

Ring has developed a compact camera drone that can fly through rooms on its own, observing the safety and order of the house.

Thanks to the camera, special algorithms andWith closed blades, the Always Home Cam is capable of collision-free movement even in tight home spaces. At the same time, the owner will not be able to control the drone manually, since he flies only along a predetermined trajectory, but he will be able to watch its work live through the application.

The device will communicate with other household security products of the company, and take off withbase station every time the sensor is triggered or at the command of the owner. According to the developers, in this way, after leaving the house, it will be possible to check various problems, for example, whether a window is left open or whether the gas stove is turned on. The system will also automatically send notifications if it detects any violations.

The main disadvantage of the drone will be that the companydeliberately did not make it silent in order to avoid charges of illegal surveillance. Therefore, when flying, it will hum, warning others about the shooting.

We also previously reported that Ring has also developed a smart light bulb that will respond to potential thieves approaching.