June 25, 2024

Revolut will give its customers access to cryptocurrencies!

Fintech company Revolut will provide its clients with access to cryptocurrenciesRevolut will give its customers access to cryptocurrencies!
British fintech company Revolut,The user base of more than 10 million people will provide its customers with access to cryptocurrencies and gold.

Company customers received an emaila letter stating that many leading states in the context of the onset of crisis are beginning to practice quantitative easing, which lead to currency devaluation. In this regard, Revolut recommends a closer look at alternative financial instruments - cryptocurrencies.

Revolut will give its customers access to cryptocurrencies!

Bitcoin is a great tool for savingthe purchasing power of money, because it will never be undermined by additional emissions. In addition, central banks cannot influence cryptocurrencies, as is the case with fiat currencies.

In addition, until the end of this month, Revolut will offer its users access to gold, thanks to which the company's clients will be able to diversify their portfolios.


A couple of weeks ago, Revolut also launched an application for children that helps them understand the principle of money management.
source: https://bits.media/fintekh-kompaniya-revolut-predostavit-svoim-klientam-dostup-k-kriptovalyutam/

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