February 27, 2024

Reuters: Gary Gensler, not indifferent to cryptocurrencies, will become the head of the SEC

Former head of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) during the Obama presidency, Gary Genslerwill be appointed to the role of chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Reuters writes about this with reference to two sources familiar with the situation.

It is assumed that Gensler will receive an appointment in the administration of President-elect Joe Biden in the coming days. He was included in Biden's team in November shortly after the election ended.

Gensler has shown deep understanding in the pastrelated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain issues. He has spoken to Congress several times, where he covered this topic. Gensler refused to accept that cryptocurrencies are a pyramid scheme, and claimed that Diem stablecoin, formerly Libra, is consistent with the characteristics of a security under US law.

He made similar statements about XRP, the issuer of which Ripple was recently sued by the SEC for the sale of unregistered securities for $ 1.3 billion.

“Ripple is making significant efforts to increase the value of XRP,” he said.


“Distributed applications on the blockchain canhelp jump-start multi-stakeholder networked solutions in areas that have historically been fragmented or impervious to change. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have already brought about real change and will continue to do so, ”Gensler also wrote.