June 17, 2024

Registration in Binance with a return of 20% commission

Registration in Binance with a return of 20% commission
Today, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange is not just the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. This is realstock exchange of the future.Trading volumes in the BTCUSDT direction on Binance often exceed $1,000,000,000. The total daily trading volume has long since significantly exceeded $1,000,000,000. The exchange is actively developing trading areas.

  • Just a few months ago, margin trading with a leverage of up to 1: 3 was introduced.
  • A month ago, the pair futures trading was launchedBTCUSDT with leverage up to x125. Trading volumes in the futures section for the btcusdt pair are almost two times higher than trading volumes in the spot section. In the near future, you should expect to connect additional pairs to the futures trading: ethusdt, ethbtc and others.
  • The platform launched an option trading section, now the brainwashed mathematics traders with funds can implement their complex schemes in the crypto market.
  • Separately, the opportunity is given to receive a fixed percentage of the placement of your coins at interest.
  • The site is developing in some incredible wayspace. Currently, the company has in the " career at Binnance" There are 104 job offers in company structures around the world. After some time, most of the world’s assets (stocks, bonds) can be purchased not only on classical exchanges, but also on digital asset exchanges. Of course, the placement of shares of real companies will be implemented through the issuance of tokens. And these tokens will be circulated in the corresponding sections of cryptocurrency exchanges. And gradually, cryptocurrency exchanges will become larger than regular stock exchanges. In my opinion, Binance now looks like the most promising exchange that can take a huge market share. This means that we will all be Binance clients in one way or another.

  • Need to exchange one crypt for another at the best rate? We go to the exchange with the highest liquidity, which means Binance.
  • Do you want to buy crypts with a small leverage in the calculation that it will significantly grow? We go to a reliable exchange (after all, the crypt will have to be stored on the exchange) with the highest liquidity, which means Binance.
  • Do you want to speculate on futures on crypts with a high leverage? We are looking for an exchange with the smallest spreads and high liquidity, which means we are going to Binance.
  • Want to use in trading specsrobots provided by third-party services such as Cryptorg or API Trade or use your own trading robots trading through the API in the spot, futures or options markets? We are looking for a exchange with access to all operations through the API with reliable and stable operation, which means we are going to Binanas.
  • When you register with Binance for this referrallink you get a maximum discount of 20% on commissions on all operations on the Binance exchange. It should be noted that for any more or less active trading on the exchange, 20% is a very tangible value. At the same time, registering on the exchange directly without using my referral link will not allow connecting an additional discount to an open account in the future. Separately, I note that a 20% discount is valid on all sections of the exchange: spot, margin, futures. Sooner or later, the exchange is likely to cancel such a “generous” offer for new customers, so I recommend that you register on the exchange right now in order to be able to use the discount you receive always, especially since each of us will most likely become a Binance client in the near future.

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