August 14, 2022

Real Vision Group co-founder Raul Pal started investing in Web3

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Real Vision Group co-founder Raul Pal started investing in Web3

The CEO of Real Vision Group has co-founded a new NFT and metaverse-focused ScienceMagic.Studios project.

Macro investor Raoul Pal said inLinkedIn that has entered a new business related to Web3. The new ScienceMagic.Studios project is a “token venture assets studio working with the largest communities and brands.”

The investor added that the mission of the company is tois to “tokenize the world’s largest cultural communities — lovers of music, fashion, film, books, television franchises and sports using NFTs, social tokens and the metaverse.” Pal said investors in the new venture include Liberty City Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, DCG, Brevan Howard Digital, and others.

Raul Pal claims that among the co-foundersproject such figures of the crypto industry as Kevin Kelly (Kevin Kelly) from Delphi Digital and former CEO of Guardian Media Group David Pemsel (David Pemsel). The investor added that ScienceMagic.Studios is in talks with other big names and brands.

Raul Pal believes that large companies fromWeb2 sectors such as Facebook, Meta and Twitter will retain their place in the market and in a few years will fully enter the metaverse. The ex-manager of Goldman Sachs expressed the opinion that collectible tokens will eventually be integrated into various aspects of society and the global economy. Raul Pal is sure that the era of social tokens has come with the advent of NFT collections, the active growth of the community and the shortage of tokens in the market. He encouraged NFT collection creators to develop efficient tokenomics.