Jul 1, 2022



Hi guys)
I've decided to partially renew my presence on smartlabik.

I dropped out for 5-7 years trading, because I just stopped making money on it.
There were 2-3 attempts to return to the forts during this time, but I quickly stopped it ... lo.

Before these 2-3 attempts, I was picking trading systems for 2-3 months, but all the systems came out crap.
In fact, after 2015, something deteriorated.And I spent 100-200-300 hours on system tests and nothing good came of it. And the really fucking feeling that you've spent over x... hours building the system, but it still doesn't work, or works extremely poorly.

Yes, the coronovirus years on the Russian exchange were more/less normal, but they were not as fat as they used to be.
Toli the market has become different, or am I stupid)

You can come up with some tricks and complicate the systems, but this is all long, complicated and very similar to fitting to history. But the fort really got bad. Well, at least for me.

In short, let's get down to business))
About 3 months ago I started to pick the crypt…
And again the sky became blue, and the grass is green, as before ...
I again spent about 200-300 hours testing how I would trade.
And everything worked out. I again made a trading system with more / less normal indicators.
I just unloaded all possible cryptocurrencies from Finam over a long period of time and tested simple ideas.

Then I opened an account with Binance.
And I started trading futures there 1-2 weeks ago.
And I really like it. I like everything.
I like the interface, mobile application, sufficient simplicity and convenience.
And just a beautiful interface.

Just click and see
Everything is intuitive.


Maybe there will be problems with the withdrawal of money and a limit of 10K, but will that stop a real trader?

There are a lot of people who write to me - where did they go and all that.
It was honestly sad and there is nothing special to say and something to brag about.

Maybe I'm old, but for some reason I want to be useful to someone. Do something useful for society

All shit commentators go to hell ... Well, you remember)))

All profits)