February 5, 2023

QuickNode Raises $60M at $800M Market Valuation

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QuickNode Raises $60M at $800M Market Valuation

Blockchain development platform QuickNode has completed a $60M funding round to expand its business. The company intends to attract more Web3 developers and users to the site.

The round was hosted by the venture capital company 10T Fund, and the participants were such companies as Tiger Global, QED and Seven Six. QuickNode is currently valued at $800 million.

Company officials said they receivedfunding will be directed to global expansion and provide developers with new opportunities and tools to attract new users to the platform. Now the company provides infrastructure development services for 16 blockchains, including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Matic Arbitrum, Optimism and others.

According to chief operating officerQuickNode Jackie Kennedy, the funding rules have begun to change - now the funds are more demanding on the projects they fund, they pay more attention to performance indicators, and not to the underlying technology. So fundraising has become more difficult.

Now the platform processes more than200 billion API requests, and uptime, according to company representatives, is 99%. In the long term, the QuickNode team promises to make the platform much easier to use by anyone who wants to work with the blockchain.

Earlier, the Hong Kong investment company HashKey Capital announced
on the completion of a $500 million funding round for its FinTech Investment Fund III.