May 15, 2021

Public company Mogo bought 146 ETH

 Public company Mogo bought 146 ETH

Nasdaq-listed Canadian fintech company Mogo continues to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Mogo, who bought a million dollar bitcoin at an average price of $ 33,083, announced that it had acquired 146 ETH at an average price of $ 2,780 for a total of $ 405,880.

The company intends to continue to allocate about five percent of its cash reserve for the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Since the purchase, the Ethereum rate has grown by several hundred dollars. ETH recently set a new high above $ 3,400.

Mogo has a cryptocurrency division. MogoCrypto is a platform that allows its members to buy and sell bitcoins instantly through the Mogo app using a mobile device.

In March 2021, the company announced itsa bonus program that provides members with the opportunity to earn BTC by interacting with Mogo products, allowing them to accumulate coins over time.

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