March 31, 2023

Power station in the USA daily brings $ 50 thousand in bitcoins

Based in Dresden, New York, the Greenidge Generation power station is mining $ 50,000 a day in BTC.

As reported Bloomberg, on an area of ​​650 thousand square meters. About 7 thousand Atlas Holding mining units produce about 5.5 BTC daily. For mining bitcoins, 15 MW of 106 MW of power generated by the power plant is used.

The equipment uses power on site without going through the meter. This method allows to achieve lower and predictable energy consumption.

The upcoming halving in May does not scare the company. According to financial director Tim Rainey, Greenidge Generation prepared for him:

“Due to our position as an integrated energy production facility, we are making money in a declining market.”

This is not the first case of such cooperation: earlier we wrote that a mining center will start working on the basis of the oldest Montana power plant.