January 31, 2023

Poloniex Adds Tron Altcoin to Listing

Poloniex Adds Tron Altcoin to Listing

TRON (TRX), one of the largest altcoins, will be added to the Poloniex listing on November 12.

After the sale of Poloniex and her turning into a new independent international company - Polo Digital Assets, Ltd., the platform aimed at the Asian market. Therefore, many traders expected TRX to appear on the updated platform.

According to an official statement, the TRX asset, which currently ranks 11th in the list of cryptocurrencies, will be listed on the Poloniex exchange.

Beginning November 12, 15:00 UTC users will be able to publish limit orders for TRX / BTC, TRX / USDT and TRX / USDC. First, only limit orders will be available to traders, and full trading, deposits and withdrawals of TRX funds will be included in the next few days after launch.

The TRX listing on Poloniex has also been confirmed by the founder and CEO of the popular altcoin Justin Sun.

Recall that recently the TRX token was added to Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore decentralized app store.