December 11, 2023

Polkadot – The Most Popular Staking Network

Polkadot is the most popular staking network

While the officially launched deposit contract for Ethereum 2.0 continues to slowly grow in volume, the amount of betsin other networks is growing steadily.

Polkadot is the most popular staking network

A total of 10 top blockchains inAbout $12 billion has been blocked for staking purposes. According to The Block, the list of leaders in the staking market is headed by the Polkadot network with its DOT token. Its market share is 24.6%, – $2,945 million

Second in the ranking is the Cardano blockchain, which attracted $1,790 million in ADA from lovers of passive income. 

Tezos rounds out the top three popular staking platforms with $ 1,442 million worth of XTZ.

At the same time, only DOT has increased in price over the past three months. 

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