June 19, 2024

Police auctioned cryptocurrency stolen from EtherDelta exchange

Police auctioned cryptocurrency stolen from EtherDelta exchange

British police, together with Wilsons Auctions, held an auction for the sale of confiscated cryptocurrencyfrom a hacker who hacked the EtherDelta exchange. Law enforcement authorities sold digital assets worth $ 294,000.

Experts have discovered stolen virtual currencyon the computer of 19-year-old Briton Elliott Ganton. Experts also found that the attacker was storing the personal data of EtherDelta clients on his hard drive, which he intended to sell for $ 3,000. At the time of the withdrawal of coins, their value was estimated at $ 337,000.

The Norwich Royal Court sentenced Gantonto 20 months in prison for the commission of two crimes: conspiracy to commit fraud and theft of personal information. He was also fined $ 509,000. During the trial, it turned out that Elliott, along with American Anthony Nashatka, had hacked into the trading floor and withdrew digital assets belonging to EtherDelta customers.

The case file states that in December 2017Nashatka acquired the personal data of a certain person, presumably Zachary Coburn, director of EtherDelta. Then, the hackers redirected traffic from their mobile phone and Kobern’s email addresses to accounts under their control. Using the data obtained, the criminals gained access to the EtherDelta cloud storage, turned off the site and launched the proxy server. Thanks to this, the attackers learned the information for entering the accounts and private keys of traders registered on the exchange.

San Francisco will face trial 10October. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 250,000. Ganton's parents are accused of trying to appropriate property obtained illegally. Their case will be heard at the Norwich Royal Court on October 9th.