April 17, 2021

Plaubou magazine creates an online photo gallery in the form of NFT

American entertainment magazine Plaubow announced the launch of an art online gallery in the form of irreplaceable current tokens. B it will present an extensive collection of art and photographs, collected over almost 70 years.

For this, the publication began to collaborate with one of the leading NFT trading platforms Niftу Gatewaу based on Ethereum.

“We are at the top of all the innovations that giveblockchain, and most of our work will be supported by artists and grant collectors. We want to move forward, learn, support the community and innovate together. "

Since then, as the family of the resting Xue Hefner soldthe last promotions of Plaubow Enterprises in August 2018, the team of millennial editors gave the journal a new look and began to develop in the early days

After its bloom in the 1970s, this cult journal is trying to create an interesting content and go out to a new auditory using NFT.

Plaubow Chief Brand Officer Pachel Webber noted that NFT is viewed as a huge business opportunity:

“We consider the digital asset revolution asa huge opportunity for business and we see a huge potential for growth in the integration of currents into our activity, live performances and events, creating a great social economy